RT Medias Top Ten Honda Builds of 2014!

As a fellow Honda owner, I pay attention to detail and watch everyone’s build closely and appreciate the finer things, this list will explain.

TOP TEN! (not in any order)

Phaze2 Mikey’s DC2 Integra:

So much attention to detail in his build, its phenomenal ! I personally dig the N/A Setup better!

IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9828 IMG_9829

Ferdone Projects / ATS Kranky DC2 Integra:

Another breath-taking DC2 build, N/A K20 Swapped with ITB’s , such a great combo from ATS Garage.


RC Garage / Jay Calderon’s Mugen DC2 Integra:

….And another DC2 build, featuring a Hard to Find Mugen Aero Kit , Gold dipped parts , tucked bay, just all around amazing! One of the best builds of the year! It was even at SEMA 2014!

IMG_9823 IMG_9824 IMG_9825

Mike Gobiecki’s Buddyclub Widebody DC5:

You don’t see many people rocking a DC5 Buddyclub Widebody kit , this DC5 is very tastefully modded especially with the Wedssport TC105N, Gives me ideas for my DC5!

IMG_9852 IMG_9854IMG_8789

Charged_ DC5 from FittedTho:

Another Great DC5 build, I really like the ARC parts in his bay , super clean setup overall!

IMG_9778 IMG_9779

Frank “Downstar” Garcia’s K20 Swapped EG6:

Frank is an overall funny guy and rad dude! His real deal EG6 is a great example of having your own taste, clear tails, neon underglow, Denji projectors. He takes pride in his EG and that I respect and so should you! Hit him up for all your spiked hardware needs!

IMG_4769 IMG_4977 IMG_9862 IMG_9863

Dana / EFNSTATIC’s Turbo EF Civic Wagon:

I’ve always loved the EF Wagons, and this makes me want one. Turbo B Series, and an aggressive look that will never go out of style!


Ryan “RyWire” Basseri’s Civic EA-T :

The best 3G Civic build hands down. Everything on it is perfect and its a real deal EA-T from Japan! It graced the cover of Honda Tuning Magazine as well.

IMG_4970 IMG_4974 IMG_9077

Mauricio Santos EF9 Civic:

His Civic is amazing and everything is era correct and very well done! He’s been in the Honda Scene probably longer than most of us, he can definitely teach us a thing or two.

IMG_7060 IMG_7061

Ahmed Sulfab’s DC2 Integra Type R:

Jun,Mugen,Feels Twincam Inspired ! It now has a more updated look with Crow House Fenders. Another great example of a timeless build.

That’s it for today Everybody !

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