Welcome !

We are Rejekt Traxx Media . We are a group of automotive photographers that cover the car scene . We eat, sleep, breathe the car scene. Based from So Cal . We got our start in 2012 . We began to rise on Facebook when car pages started sharing our pics, from that we received lots of followers . We especially thank 7tune and 9tro for helping us boost followers !

Events we cover consist of:

Wekfest , Japanese Classic Car Show, The Chronicles Meets , Cars & Coffee Irvine , Hot Import Nights, Spocom , Eibach Honda Meet , Local Meets , HRE Wheel Open House , Extreme Autofest , Pomona Drags , Race Days , LA/SD/OC Autoshow and so on.

How did we get our name?:

Rejekt = reject , the odd one of the bunch , unique , different from others, we aim to please and support.

Traxx = Tracks , whats a race car without a track , inspired by autosports.

Spelling? The founder, has a love for Electronic music hence the spelling TRAXX.

Our Content Creators : Tyler Jessee, David J Ryan , Jamie Johnston , and Tommy San.

We are on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and tumblr.

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