Forza Horizon 2 Review

Sorry for the long Hiatus . I’ve been busy recovering from the holidays and video games and also I’m going back to college in a few days. Anyways I’ve never done a game review since I’m not hardcore about games but I feel I should express my opinions about Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One.

My Rating 8/10

I really love that it’s a huge improvement from the last Horizon . So much you can do in it including tuning , way more cars to buy , the new Wheel-spin feature and exploring! The new real-time weather system is amazing and all of it is in 1080p !


  • Tuning.
  • Sounds improved.
  • Rainy weather .
  • Paint & Designs.
  • Drivatar Intelligence.
  • New Country.
  • Open World.
  • Massive Straightaways.
  • Jumps.
  • Lots of Ferrari’s.


  • Kind of a short Story but not as short as the first Horizon.
  • Not much good choices For Honda’s and Volkswagens.
  • Body kits could be better.
  • Car meet feature.
  • Ben’s Satire.


  • Motor Swaps are decent.
  • Should be more barn finds but great choice of cars.
another (1 of 9)
Ferrari La Ferrari on HRE Wheels with glowing Rotors ripping up the highway.
another (2 of 9)
Kanjo Themed EK9 Civic Type-R shooting flames! Powered by K24 and AWD plus a Turbo. Around 700hp.
another (3 of 9)
Kanjo Themed EK9 Civic Type-R in Rainy Scenery.
another (4 of 9)
Nissan GTR R35 in pouring rain.
another (5 of 9)
Spoon/J’s Themed Honda S2000 with Widebody paint design.
another (6 of 9)
Ferrari Challenge Stradale spitting flames in the fog.
another (7 of 9)
Kanjo EK9 in its natural environment.
another (8 of 9)
Closer shot of the Kanjo EK9.
another (9 of 9)
Mugen Kitted DC5 RSX Type-S running the streets of Europe.

That’s it for now! More posts coming soon! Stay Tuned! Thanks for viewing.

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